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Beanie Top 40 Site List

Oct 28

This caught my attention since I have made some site graphics for this

Tom of received an e-mail from one of Ty's attorney asking to  "cease use of the BEANIETRADE.CJB.NET and KJBEANIES.CJB.NET domain names. He will  rename his site to "Bean Bag Times" in place of "KJ Beanies", and "Bean Bag Trade" will be "Beanie Trade". Tom will be shutting down his site until the changes are made.

The UnderGround Bean seems to have 2 pictures of different versions of Fuzz buddy..both purchased from Ty retailers.

Oct 27

Another beanie could not wait until the end of the year..Ty seems to be on a retiring spree again...posting Eucalyptus' retirement today. posted a rumor from Carol that on Jan 1, 1999,  there will be a big New Year's announcement on the Ty site of the beanie baby line being re-introduced to compliment the new millennium, with new tags, new material, said to be Tylon.

Oct 26

Forbes rank Ty Warner 33 in the 400 Richest People in America.
"Our name brand will not go away. We want to be the Coke of collectibles." That's what the Beanie Babies baron told FORBES a few days after his Internet site implied that the company would "retire" its line of cuddly creatures. Likely marketing ploy created just the kind of frenzied buying Ty's become known for provoking. Kalamazoo College dropout, took job selling stuffed toys. Quit to bum around Italy. Came home, designed line of stuffed Himalayan cats and other toy animals before creating Beanie Babies: understuffed toy animals affordably priced for the allowance set. Kids loved the cute names (Snort the bull, Fleece the lamb); limited distribution spawned a cult of adult collectors. Beanies hit market at $5 to $7, can reach $12,000 in collectors' circles. Fierce protector of the Beanie trademark, favors boutiques over mass merchants. Low profile: no signage at Ty's Chicago headquarters; prefers cabs to limos. Beanie babies might be a fad, but his Four Seasons Hotel in New York should last.
Forbes also list Ty Warner as married with one child?
That is the first I have heard of that! click here to view

Oct 25

1999 Signature Bear Retires!
Ty, today, has decided to retire and bid farewell to the January first
release, 1999 Signature bear.

Oct  21

Ty retires Tiptoe the mouse today.

Oct 20

Newsflash!....Coming soon to your favorite authorized Ty dealer...Blue Faced Spangle!!!

Oct 16

Beanie Wonderland received an e-mail from a Ty rep yesterday with the message.."Phone me if you would like to know what is happening" Click here to read the contents of that phone conversation

Oct 15

Ty Inc. is committed to protecting consumers against counterfeit Beanie Babies® plush toys. That is why we recommend that you buy our products from authorized accounts, not from secondary market dealers. There is no guarantee that Beanie Babies® toys purchased from secondary market dealers are authentic Ty products.

In keeping with our commitment, we sued Walgreen's, a nationwide discount pharmacy chain that is not an authorized distributor of Ty Inc. for, among other counts, selling counterfeit Beanie Babies® toys that it purchased on the secondary market. We recently settled our claims and, as part of that settlement, after a short sell-off period, Walgreen's has agreed never to sell Beanie Babies® plush again.

Please remember that if you choose to purchase Beanie Babies® plush from secondary market dealers, and not from Ty authorized accounts, Ty Inc. cannot vouch for the authenticity of these products.

Why do we purchase beanies from the secondary market? Well...maybe because of the way alot of authorized Ty dealers never seem to have the beanies you want because they are selling them to the secondary market before they even hit the shelves ...and that who wants to purchase 2 or 3 of something you don't want to get a bear??

Oct 14

Two versions of Osito have been reported ...the first version having the green neck ribbon on top of the white one ...and a smaller flag on the chest which seems to be a brighter green ..The second version has the white ribbon on top of the green around the neck and the flag seems larger and with a duller green..I have version two (white ribbon on top) Which do you have?

Oct 6

Another warning from Ty tonight....
As a follow-up to our previous warning, we have now closed over 125 additional Hallmark franchise locations that were in violation of our policy against trans-shipping.

We will use all available resources to root out and close accounts that trans-ship. Shipping records and financial receipts create trails, and all leads will be thoroughly investigated as we continue our efforts. Accounts that want continued shipments of Ty products should think long and hard before trans-shipping.

We hope that our accounts take our warnings seriously, because we at Ty take our policy against trans-shipping seriously.

Oct 5

Newsflash---at the Ty website...

To ensure that all BBOC Members have the opportunity to order the Members Only Exclusive Offers, the BBOC will be extending the Clubby™ Beanie Buddy™ and Clubby II™ Beanie Buddy™ offers through Friday, December 3, 1999.

Oct 3

This message was posted under NEWSFLASH today at the Ty website today.

Rumors regarding 2000 product introductions are nothing but that ..... rumors! Any information that is circulating concerning Ty Inc.'s 2000 product should not be believed. Believe me, only one person knows what will happen at the start of the new millennium. Please be patient and DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!

 Ty Warner

Also today at the Ty website, A WARNING......
To all direct Ty accounts that foolishly think they can trust the secondary market dealers to whom they trans-ship, you should know that these very dealers may be providing Ty with information about you, including canceled checks. Case in point - three Hallmark locations are being closed after we received evidence of trans-shipping. The secondary market dealer was kind enough to include canceled checks to the Ty account totaling nearly $10,000, as well as various invoices and other documents received from the account.

 We at Ty take our policy against trans-shipping very seriously, and we are committed to the vigorous enforcement of this policy. We are not going to continue to do business with accounts who continue to violate our policy against trans-shipping. Because of ongoing investigations, we expect more stores to lose their Ty accounts because of trans-shipping within the next few weeks.

 Is trans-shipping worth the risk? We bet there are three Hallmark stores that don't think so today!!!

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