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Beanie Top 40 Site List

Nov 27

Ty retired Tracker -the beanie baby yesterday and removed the links posted below on Nov 25 regarding  the retirements expected on Monday.

Nov 25 

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving-I know one person that did...Karen Carr in  Michigan ..winner of Maple in our Whats up Beanies??!! contest..Congratulations Karen!

Retirement expected on Monday-Carol from Beanie Wonderland Yahoo Club has been doing some research and what did she find?....urls that Ty has already set up to announce 3 buddy retirements on Monday  November 29, 1999!
These beanie buddies are:

Tracker -
Bubbles -

The  winner of the Whats up Beanies contest-has been drawn..the lucky person to receive Maple has been emailed and we are waiting for a reply to confirm.  Thanks again to everyone that participated and to Nostalgia Country Gifts for making this contest possible .Please continue to visit us and watch for other contest here.

Nov 24

Newsflash- Ty continues with the retirements today ..say goodbye to Smoochy, Squealer and Chilly Buddies.

Frustrated finding A Beanie Baby for his child-a retiree from Microsoft uses his company to make the job easier-Read a story here about how a frustrated search for Nanook the dog lead to the launch of a reverse marketplace company on the web.

The Whats up Beanies contest update-Thanks for playing everyone. No more entries will be accepted after 2 pm (eastern standard time) today. The winner will be notified by email and later posted on this page.  Look for other contests coming soon to Whats up Beanies??!
I have placed a bonus code somewhere if you find this one you will be given a extra entry into the drawing but remember you must find him before 2 pm today.  Go here to enter the bonus code

The end to originally received a letter from Mr. John Hong, Ty's lawyer, asking them to close down their domain name of, due to the fact that inflicts on their common trademark laws, with the word 'beanie'. Beaniez have now closed their website and plan to file a licensing agreement with Ty Inc., which will allow them to use the terms 'beanie baby' and such on their website, then purchase a new domain and open a new website which will then be licensed by Ty Inc.  The webmaster of is 14 year old Ryan Connell.  Good luck Ryan

Nov 22

Autumn, Spring, Summer Transitional ..the seasons of the year? No--these are just some of the colors of Peace the bear.  Here’s a simple guide to the different versions in approximate chronological order. You can figure out which variation you have by checking the hang tag, fabric colors, date of purchase, and tush-tag number (if any). This is based on researching literally hundreds of Peace bears of every variation.original source:Smartcollecting

The Whats up Beanies contest update-Several visitors have spotted our fortune teller beanie over at Nostalgia Country Gifts today.  Wednesday is the last day we will accept entries in the contest to win Maple so enter as many times as you can but remember only one entry per beanie code.

The price for the Britannia Beanie Buddy -may have hit bottom a week ago. Now, collectors are reporting that shipments to the UK have slowed down resulting in limited supply.  This weekend, the price for a Britannia Beanie Buddy rebounded back to $140 on MetaExchange after a slight dip earlier in the month. Normally, prices continue to decline as supply comes in line with demand. Obviously, this is not occurring at this time.
original source:Smartcollecting

Nov 21

The Whats up Beanies contest update-How many beanies names sound like food? When you find out will also find our fortune teller beanie code for today.

Ms Janie posted a message from a reader-The Pumkin Buddy I got today has a change in its hangtag it now says "Pumkin is the first Beanie to represent a fruit". It used to say that Pumkin represents a vegetable.

Ty was denied in their attempt to register the term 'Beanie Baby'- According to Mickey Collett, owner of the domain, Ty were turned down by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office On November 1, 1999, an office action suspending further action on the application was mailed to Ty Inc. However, Ty was successful at pulling Collett's eBay auction for the lease of the domain,, off eBay since Ty Inc. filed a sworn statement that the auction offers a product or contains material which violates their copyright, trademark or other rights.  Read it here

Beanie Wonderland's Millennium Party-Beanie Wonderland is starting a contest to run thru Christmas and into the new millennium, the first event is going to be a Free to Enter Super Prize Draw, all you will need to do is visit Beanie Wonderland between December 18th and December 24th and enter your e-mail details up to once a day for a free entry. There are going to be two WINNER TAKES ALL Draws one for the UK and One for non-UK residents...other events will be scheduled thoughout the contest.

Nov 20

Is there a way to spot fake bears by the color of their noses?- Bean Bag World's counterfeit expert Claudia Dunne has put together a list of Ty bears by nose color.
BEARS WITH BLACK NOSES: 1 Bear, 1998 Holiday Bear, 1999 Holiday Bear, 1999 Signature, Billionaire, B.B. Bear, Blackie, Britannia, Chilly, Clubby, Clubby II, Erin, Fortune, Fuzz, Garcia, Germania, Glory, Kicks, Millennium, Osito, Peace, Princess, Spangle, Ty 2K, The End, New Face/Old Face Brown Teddy, New Face/Old Face Cranberry Teddy, New Face/Old Face Jade Teddy, New Face/Old Face Magenta Teddy, New Face/Old Face Teal Teddy, New Face/Old Face Violet Teddy, Valentina and Wallace.
BEARS WITH BROWN NOSES: 1997 Holiday Teddy, Curly, Halo, Hope, Libearty, Maple, Valentino.
Groovy has a Purple nose.
There is still much speculation surrounding an anticipated "Big Announcement" from Ty Inc. for the new millennium. Any new product line is rumored to be more "counterfeit-resistant."  Here are ways to tell if your Beanie is authentic:
* Purchase on the first market from an authorized Ty dealer.
* Check the feel of the fabric and compare to other Beanies in your collection.
* Check the tags carefully.

Nov 19

Newsflash-Ty seems to be on a roll now ..retiring 2 Beanie Buddies today, Millennium and Erin and Halo beanie
view here

Extinct or Just Endangered?-Is the "End to beanies" just a ploy to draw collectors back to the beanie babies after Ty lost some attention to Pokemon?-article by Time magazine.
What do you think? email "Time for Kids" and voice your view

Will  beanies ever be worth a fortune?-Electronic telegraphs reports.."Adults are collecting Beanie Babies in the belief that because each range is limited they will be valuable in years to come. They are probably wrong....."
read it here

Beanie Babies trigger murder?-Has it come to this??  Read the whole story here

The Whats up Beanies contest update-Our fortune teller beanie was spotted today somewhere on this site..look can't miss him

Nov 18

The Y2k hipe-Jamie Stockwell, a Washington Post staff writer, posted an article where a 20-year resident of Manassas Park thinks Beanie babies, along with others, have capitalized on the surprises that may lurk just beyond year's end.the whole story

The Whats up beanies contest update-Our fortune teller beanie has once again been spotted visiting Nostalgia Country Gifts

With more than $10 billion in sales of manufactured collectibles last year --where the  best sellers include Beanie Babies, the beanbag toys; Precious Moments, porcelain figures with inspirational messages; and Department 56, a line of miniature buildings -- American furniture manufacturers have figured out that adult collectors, who now number more than 36 million, could use a place to put it all...the curio cabinet! read the whole story here

Nov 17

Newsflash-Ty retires Buddy Cranberry teddy today.. It must have been posted quite late in the evening. ..see it here

What are the top 10 search terms from Lycos search engine?-You knew Beanie babies was in there some where...didn't you? Here they are as ranked in Sept 1999.
The Top 10 search terms from Lycos
       1. Pokemon
       2. Britney Spears
       3. football
       4. Pamela Anderson
       5. Dragonball Z
       6. World Wrestling Foundation
       7. NFL
       8. Backstreet Boys
       9. dogs
       10. Beanie Babies

How eBay's Fate Is Tied (Sort Of) to Beanie Babies-The auction site could suffer if production of the stuffed creatures ends. To help compensate, eBay is moving to upscale collectibles.  While the rest of the Internet industry is fretting about Y2K, eBay (EBAY) is suddenly focused on another issue: Ty2K. The online autioneer, which has prospered thanks in no small part to sales of Beanie Babies on its site, is facing what Ty Inc., the manufacturer of the diminutive stuffed animals, is calling the end of the line. Though not everyone believes it, Ty says it will cease Beanie Babies production on Dec. 31. And that could affect everything from eBay's visitor loyalty and brand awareness to its revenue. Read more here

Woman Pleads Guilty In Beanie Baby Fraud -- A San Diego woman pleads guilty to taking 58-thousand dollars from two Midwestern women and failing to deliver promised Beanie Babies. Joann Fraser faces a prison term of up to three years and eight months in prison. Fraser, who runs an online business, advertised the stuffed animals at a discount. Diana Peterson of Illinois had sent her more than 21-thousand dollars for a pair of rare Number One red Beanie Baby bears in April. And Karen Chambers of Michigan sent more than 36-thousand dollars for the same pair and other items. Fraser couldn't deliver because she didn't have the bears in stock.

Nov 16

Whats up beanies contest update-Our fortune teller beanie was seen tonight checking out some graphics just in time for the holidays..can you find him?

The Boston Globe reports-A Monmouth County lawsuit claims Barbara Arakelian, who uses online names that include ''Bobbi1'' and ''Halo45,'' has been selling Beanie Babies and other toys over the Internet since October 1998 for $40 to $450 per transaction, but she sometimes kept the money without delivering any merchandise.

Nov 15

A Mistake or a trick to get collectors racing out to buy?-. Retailers are reporting receiving the red, white and blue faced Spangles, in no particular order.

MARY BETH SOBOLEWSKI-tells us what separates Beanies from the other bean bags toys?..just a year ago, the words "bean bag" would have referred to an oversized, under-stuffed chair made of fabric and small pellets or the small squares of fabric filled with beans that kids throw at carnival games. Since Ty Inc., through litigation, has reclaimed the names of Beanies and Beanie Babies, the remainder of the marketplace has become generically accepted as "bean bags."
read it in the Chicago Sun Times

The whats up beanies contest update-11th site-ing of our fortune teller beanie. Hurry on over to Nostalgia Country Gifts and see if you can find him...but don't forget to return to this site to place your entry to win Maple.  There have been 750 correct entries so far..we will draw from these entries on play everyday for better odds of winning.

Nov 14

The Whats up beanie contest update-IF you came this far have over looked him..where is he?

The Wall Street Journal states that uncertainty over Ty® Inc.'s plans for its Beanie Babies® brand in 2000 will affect the operating loss that Cyrk expects in the first quarter of next year. Cyrk said it is "prepared to service Ty under a variety of volume scenarios in 2000." reports Britannia is traveling with two women who are on an expedition across Antarctica to the South Pole. Britannia will be auctioned off to raise money for "Sense", Britain's leading charity that benefits the deaf and blind.

Nov 13

The domain name and possibly the website, has been put up for lease. The domain name is currently tied up in a legal battle with the Ty Inc. Company which allegesTrademark infringement. read it here

The Whats up beanies contest update-seems that not to  many people could find yesterdays beanie code...need another clue? the whats up beanie likes to have look for him there.

Nov 12

Ty surprises us again and retired Millennium today

The What's up Beanies contest update-where is that little beanie? He was reported this morning hanging out..killing time...some where here on this site.

Nov 11

Newsflash!-This appeared on the Ty site today-The BBOC Clubby Buddy Exclusive Offer is now available online for residents of the United Kingdom. Log on to to place your order today.

The What's up Beanies contest update-our fortune teller beanie was seen this morning visiting his friends at Nostalgia country gifts

 Many Ty dealers have reported that The End bear has not be included with recent orders.  Secondary market dealers across the country have also noticed a lower supply ..what will this mean to the market value of this beanie in months to come?

Series IV Beanie Cards Are Out-
The card make-up is the same as Series III (Artist's Proof, Classic Common, Commons, Babies/Buddies, Retired, Wild - with the same odds.  The colors are red, purple, silver and seems to be the most common.

Three different versions of the blue face Spangle
- have been reported.. one spangle has stars on his left ear with a double loop hang tag. The second variation has stars on his left ear with a single tush tag. And the third has stars on the RIGHT ear with a double loop tush tag.

Nov 10

Beaniemom.comreports that she has found 2 version of coins in the Clubby II Kit.
The first style is all GOLD, and the second style is GOLD and SILVER on the same coin.

Maple contest update-Our fortune teller beanie was seen over at Beanie Wonderland this morning...doing a little shopping maybe..?

Nov 9

HolyBears, Inc. has launched a new teddy bear -- "David" -- to help fund the legal defense of its religious-themed teddy bears.  On Sept. 15, Ty, Inc. -- maker of Beanie Baby(TM) plush toys -- filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Illinois seeking to "impound and destroy" all HolyBears(TM) teddy bears because of alleged copyright infringement. HolyBears founder Rob LeClair said his bears do not infringe on anyone's copyright, and he believes Ty is wrong to claim infringement. read the whole story here

Whats up beanies contest update-It has been quiet around here lately since the "whats up beanie" seemed to have been visiting another site lately..can you spot him at nostalgia country gifts?  If you do come back here to submit the code

Nov 7

Where is that fortune teller beanie hiding anyway?? If you see him please let me know

A rumor by email-A viewer claims they heard from a "reliable source" that just prior to christmas, collectors would be surprised with a release of "Santa's elfs" (12 in all) with tag information designed after the names and birthdays of Tys top sales reps.
A beanie baby custody battle-  Frances and Harold Mountain divorced four months ago, couldn't agree on how to split their Beanie Baby collection, so a judge ordered them on Friday to divide up the babies one by one on the floor in the courtroom.  The collection was estimated to be worth between $2,500 and $5,000. 
Read the whole story here 


Nov 6

The fortune teller beanie was spotted again late tonight over at Nostalgia Country Gifts checking to see "what's up"..

Did you find the What's up Beanie? Take a look around..A viewer told me they saw him late last night checking out some beanie art..

Beanie wonderland reports-Ty Canada received the orders from Ty USA to destroy all Tyra Ty Attics due to the choking hazard of the pom poms. They are too easily to removed.

Space beanies?- In a trip currently planned for December on the space shuttle Discovery, Astronaut Lt. Commander Scott Kelly, plans to carry a beanie baby with him read the whole story here

Nov 5

The  Fortune teller beanie was spotted again this morning over at Nostalgia country gifts ....ummm...maybe he was going do some christmas shopping..head on over there and good luck!

Nov 4

The contest has started!  Can you find our fortune teller beanie and win Maple the Canadian bear? He was seen this morning reading some beanie trivia ...if you find him copy the code number and click here to enter Chilly Buddy Contest-
The Beaniez website is currently having a contest where you could have a chance of winning a Chilly beanie buddy of your very own! All you have to do is search the website and find Chilly the beanie buddy, and then enter the contest telling where you saw Chilly!! Its easy and its fun!

Nov 3

We will be launching our very first contest on Nov 4...the prize you ask? Maple beanie!!  Thanks goes to Nostalgia Country Gifts for sponsoring us! More information will be given on thursday!

Nov 1

Ty Lawsuits
A page has been gathered which shows most of the lawsuits made by Ty Inc., including against Walgreens, Holy Bears, Imperial Toys and more.  Click the link to view.

In this week's article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Mary Beth Sobolweski shares some fun beanie facts, like that there is currently 264 beanie babies, Chip was the last "ip" cat, 6 beanies are modeled after stars, visit this link to check it out
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